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Colors of The Orchid Month

Colors of The Orchid Month

Anyone would captivated see the beauty of the orchid flower Phalaenopsis or orchids months depending on the flower stalks out of tanaman2 healthy orchids, which are hovering like buterfly follow the breeze is often moving flower. His appearance and orquídeas mes seems increasingly popular among orchid hobbiis today. However, there is a presumption that the orchid genus is quite difficult to maintain let alone to make it bloom, but it turns out with some tips and tricks that are practical and simple turns phalaenopsis can be made so diligent with beautiful and will certainly satisfy spy looking.

Some tips and tricks plant Orchid Moon effective are:

    If you want to maintain than smaller / better buy bottled species / hybrids which already has a name derived from cruciferous nursery or who are experts in their field. Good seed is an important first step before proceeding to the next step.
    If you buy an adult size of the first to get to know the nature of your Phalaenopsis before buying
    Many read artikel2 regarding maintenance of buku2 Phalaenopsis orchids or electronic media such as the Internet in order to further hone our abilities.
    Root, which is absolutely necessary for flowering healthy, so watch the media used in order phalaenopsis roots can grow perfect, selected media properties that can absorb water but do not store water, a combination of media can be done in order to get the right nature.
    Without a healthy root, then the leaves will not grow well, healthy plants usually characteristic features new leaves will grow bigger / equal to the previous leaf. Keep it healthy leaves because on this organ which is useful for producing nutrients that will be used by plants.
    Take care not to your Phalaenopsis exposed to rain, the leaves are large and undulating often causes rain water left behind and can cause fungal diseases to multiply and invade your orchids.
    Take care not to prevent dehydration on your orchids, do regular watering, but not excessive.
    Fertilization takes place in the second part of the leaves, top and bottom, at the time of the morning before the sun on your plants.
    Use some kind of fertilizer, alternating between chemical fertilizers and organic manure, if the plants are grown may be used fertilizer P high-yield booster.
    The most important read 4 important element in the maintenance of Phalaenopsis that can not be ignored, including:

    Light, Phalaenopsis orchids belonging including not stand by direct sunlight, morning-afternoon sunlight blocked by the shadow of foliage including the most good to support vegetative growth and trigger flowering. Phalaenopsis generally shaded by paranet 65% if the planting area is open and paranet 55% if the planting area surrounded by a wall / pohon2 great.
    Humidity: Phalaenopsis like the humidity, ideally between 60% -75%, too much moisture will cause mold easy to breed, too dry will cause dehydration plant. To keep the humidity can be placed paku2an plants and water jar containing potted Phalaenopsis plants under
    Aeration: Phalaenopsis including epiphytic orchids are usually attached to the mother plant are high, and love the breezy wind flow, aeration jg keep moisture from getting too saturated.
    Temperature: usually key triggers flowering phalaenopsis is the case of the highest temperature difference - lows around 10 degrees Celsius, therefore the ideal temperature for the kupu2 this is drjt 18-28 centigrade. Jk note the times of the rainy season will be the ideal time for you to bring candidates phal spikenya.

Having regard to all the above it is expected that all hobbyists can lend phalaenopsisnya once dismissed the notion that it is difficult to maintain phalaenopsis, good luck plant Orchid Moon.

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