Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Love Poems To Him

 Love Poems To Him

Love Poems To Him
Saying and quotes
Love is love, his suffering will never end
Here is a love poem to his beloved woman.

LOVE LETTERS TO loveliest women

By Imam Aris Lewis

If you know of my heart
I'll pour you

The shadows you are always dancing in my mind
You're the most beautiful woman who always decorate my life
And you step that the woman who always dwells in my soul.

Let me be the person in your life especially
And make I became lover of your heart in every step you take

My love for you will never disappear even with age
Dear you will never fade despite facing a storm

You're the first and last woman in my life
You're the first love that always adorn the soul and the heart

Did you know?
The heart rate is always beating if met you
Your face is beautiful and gorgeous can not be erased in my memory

The beauty of love if only with you
Your name will always be etched in every breath of my life
May I say something through this love letter?
Apparently, I'm falling in love to you ...

I MISS smile 
By Abdul Ghofar

Simper banded oval perfect your face,
humming a cheerful cypress welcome the sun.

direlung longing heart strings vibrate, the
berlaksa sketch depicts a rainbow in space and time are infinite.

exudes an aura not indetifikation,
spiderman childbirth,
superman fly,
The power of the giant squash and King Kong.

disrupt the ability of understanding intelligence einstein,
pmahaman presenting illogical,
Berbah sweet taste of shrimp paste,
banana Sepet original taste of pure honey dcampur a kilo of sugar.

Ooooh .....
I miss that smile,
perfect sculpted the Master Designer.

I miss your smile.
Beautiful oval face swathed perfect


By Dwi Wurianti

Rain sings a poem
Seeing all that he recognized ..
Waiting for the rain stopped dropping grains of diamond
I watched the smile that made ​​me join a string of happy

From innocent reverie, I realized
in this place he saw
From here it is clear he was watching me
Looking at every step wherever I go

And here also, I realized
the rain has not stopped
They were still laughing in the rain without a tarp

Watching those who did not stop laughing
I re-realized that I was alone
Waiting for someone who had been chanting promise me
Waiting for him to come and go with

Rain is beautiful
I realize a lot of things from it all
When it rains greet in sight
I realized that the rain had not stopped

Too long to live as social beings sometimes make us forget that there is a love that was created with the best of ways, namely loving parents to their children. And there is a love that should not be replaced by anything, which is a love slave to the creator. Therefore, we may love wisely. And do not forget good article titled romantic poetry above can be useful for you all Love Poems To Him